February 24, 2014: White Hats

My view at departure from my last Jays game of the season
This Sunday we were in Lincoln during a Creighton home game. It felt wrong. Completely wrong. I had convinced myself that missing a occasional game of my beloved Bluejays wasn't a big deal. My head had thoughts of exploring the new Pinnacle arena and yelling a post-football season "Go Big Red". My heart didn't bite.

I tried to be excited, but I only felt like I was missing something.

Do note that the new Husker home court is very nice with an enthusiastic and fun crowd. Also note that no alcohol is served and the crowd was not my blue and white comrades. The familiar faces and surroundings that I have come to love at the Century Link were absent.

The final tally of the day? Two wins. The Husker game was a blow-out and the Bluejays, a nail-biter.

Garrett and I had planned some time back to attend the Lincoln venue this past weekend. His Alma mater of Purdue was taking on their Big Ten rival in Nebraska. We had a plan. The club seats and parking pass given to us were an added plus. But it was still hard to get excited. Knowing I would be in Denver and missing the final Jays home game, I had to bid my Bluejays good-bye a week ago. And parting was such sweet sorrow.

This season has been special. A fun ride. It's been amazing to be a fan and season ticket holder. An exciting entry into the Big East. A great coach with a very talented player, who happens to be his son. Watching and being a part of the fan base that surround and support McDermott's & Co. has been an honor. These guys are a class act.

Characteristics that I admire most in people are embodied on and off the court by the McDermott's. Topping my "honorable characteristics list" are being humble, kind, hard-working, honest, sincere, and gracious. Yep, they have these covered well.

The same Sunday that I snapped the picture above, the boys and I began our day by going to church. A few rows in front of us sat Mrs. McDermott and Doug's little sister. I later reflected on the irony that we broke bread under within the same church community by morning and then later shared a different kind of spirit within the walls of the Century Link.

The entire McDermott family have been characterized by those who surround them as good people. Down-to-earth people.

I once heard a man memorialized as "the man in the white hat". A depiction of the good guy. This phrase has always stuck with me. I see myself as a softy for the guys (and gals) in the white hats. I seek them out among crowds and look for them within my daily alliances. They are the stories of twinkling sunsets glimmering off of shiny hats and white chaps. An honorable cowboy riding joyfully into the sunset. A happy ending.

This memorable season is not done yet. Just for me. I am now merely a smiling fan watching the sun start to set. The men in white hats will finish their ride and I will hope for a happy ending. And I have no doubt that the McDermott's have already reaped this desired happiness within their own definition.


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