January 28, 2014: Daily Musings

There are a lot of difficult topics swirling in my brain today. I will save the heavier thoughts for tomorrow. Today I choose light. And as far as the other topics, I choose right. Battle garb necessary? Absolutely. But for tonight, a Jays win and smiles with my crazy kids lead the Top Ten List.

Sandy's Top Ten List: 1/28/14

10)  As I typed the title to this blog, I noticed that I used a 2013 date. <pause>. Hmmm...I was pretty sure I had done this before. When I went back to blog posts for this new year, eight out of nine 2014 posts had "2013" title dates. Oops. I have now corrected. Pretty typical of my haste in posting and later finding errors in my ways. Seldom are my oblivious oversights in proofreading pointed out to me. Thank-you to those who read for being kind and forgiving. I will try to be more conscientious of writing accuracy in future posts. To err is human and this imperfection; a perfect #10 for the day.

9)  Did I mention my new comfy jammies that I received at my bridal shower? They were the only practical gift from that night of wine and nighties. Although I loved the lacy and impractical numbers, these candy-striped cotton long johns are perfect for a cold Nebraska Tuesday night. I fly solo on Tuesdays (other than the companionship of my pup, Cookie). #9 is definitely for soft, warm jammies.

8) Grant is obsessed with The Great Gatsby. He loved the movie and can hardly contain himself in reading book. I read this book at his same age. I, too, was enamored with Daisy and Jay Gatsby. Robert Redford was the bomb in my day. And the book was even better. #8 is for common childhood interests with my kids.

7)  Ben is getting closer to committing to a college. I have a gut instinct on the best fit for him. Soon we will see if he agrees. In the meantime....I will stay out of it and say a couple of prayers. #7 is for Ben's new chapter.

6)  My Aunt Kathy got a new haircut. The bangs are fabulous and she looks ten years younger. I got my hair cut today and followed her lead. We shall see what the bangs do for me :) #6 is simply for Aunt Kathy. Everyone needs an Aunt Kathy.

5) Did I mention that Ben forgot to turn in his senior picture to the yearbook? I did my part by scheduling his pictures early in the year. Somehow the head shot required by the yearbook staff never made it to Skutt. After a few text interchanges today including a choice between two sent pictures and instructions on how to turn in (and encouragement to ask the girls' opinions on which to choose), obviously a deadline was missed. "Mom, they just took a picture of me at school with their camera." <ugh> I guess Ben's senior yearbook will be a representative keepsake of his personality. # 5 is for the stark reminder that the best parental planning can still lead to the worst results.

4) Cookie really likes me. Our dog loves Garrett, but in him absence; I am becoming a close second. I really get the dog-lover thing. Thank-you, Cookie, for making me feel important and loved while my kids remind me that I'm not that big of a deal. #4 highlight of the day...definitely having a cuddly pup.

3) Hanging with Grant. A thirteen year-old is a strange piece of art. Awkward but cute, self-absorbed but caring, old but young. Tonight Grant and I rode together to the Creighton game; listening to his strange selection of music. Purportedly these artists won awards last weekend. Grant schooled me. I don't completely get it. #3 is for trying to be an open-minded mom.

2) Brotherly love. This week is Catholic Schools Week. I received an e-mail reminder that tomorrow is "Special Friends" mass. When Grant was in his early grade school years, I would have been all over this a week in advance. Tonight I turned to Grant at the game and asked "Do you want your dad or I to go to Special Friends mass with you tomorrow?" Without hesitation, he said "no". Instead he called his oldest brother, Zach, and they organized their meeting in the morning. #2 definitely warmed this mom's heart.

1) A Jays win in the final seconds. Tonight was even more special because I was actually in town for a game and I wasn't rushed. Grant and I arrived over an hour early. We sat and watched to players warm up and then I moved about Century Link at a snail's pace. Grant eventually sought out his friends and I sought out my favorite beer cart girl. Terri inquired where I had been the last few games, as did the guys behind me in line (obviously, regulars as well). And then I took a walk around the perimeter of the auditorium, running into old and new friends. Life really is so much better when you're not rushed. I even bought a Jays sweatshirt with the new Big East logo. #1 is all about life being grand. Even in cold Omaha.

Cheers to all of your Top Ten daily musings...enjoy, my friends!


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