January 17, 2014: Sports Mom

The following is a guest post from my dear friend and fellow mom-of-three-boys, Patty Johnson...
Go JAYS! Go BRONCOS (Manning)!
It was a great Sports DAY!!!  Blue Jays, 49ers and BRONCOS all won. I’m a happy person.  God gave us “Sports events” so we can release that emotion and passion within ourselves and experience FUN!  (For a few hours we “play”!)
I always think I’m rooting for the “Good guy”, when I root for MY teams.  My sons would say that I’m not a good sports fan because I’ve rooted for many teams.  I am a Chiefs fan (logistically makes sense since it is the closest NFL team to Nebraska- but mostly because of my husband and family loving them); I’m a Broncos fan (mainly because I am a Manning fan, which includes not only Peyton, but Eli) and Creighton fan (I know, not a football team, but worth mentioning since they played today) and have been for a long time since they are in Omaha and many family members attended and this is an especially good yea. And of course, I am Husker fan. That is where I went to school and I live here (and have attended many bowl games). I am a Duke fan, because Josh and Jaime love that program so much over the years.  While on most given Sundays, I might have 4 or 5 favorite (NFL) teams (therefore, I can watch every game and yell at the TV non-s top!)—it is all in great fun.  I’ve also done very well in fantasy football, giving me even more reason to jump, scream and cheer.     My heart races and I get emotionally involved with my sons as they exhibit passion for their teams.  I guess I don’t follow the rules of being a sports fan, but I figure since it is MY enjoyment, it’s MY rules, right?
I believe God gave me sons who played so many sports over so many years, so I would become immersed with their activities, thereby gain an appreciation for how much work and time is involved. And we lived for the “special moments” and small successes they each had.    We learned a lot about “sportsmanship” and disappointment and how to rebound.  There were many injuries and heartaches, as well as jubilation and most importantly relationships formed from being involved. I appreciate the athleticism and talent involved at all levels. As a sports fan, I enjoy the success and how athletes work strive for perfectionism as the games are played and that there are so many fans. My friends tell me that I know more about baseball, basketball and football than any other female and more than likely, a lot of the men too!
I love this year’s NFL “Final four”—- I don’t think of it as 49ers v. Seahawks but Kaepernick v. Wilson.  And it’s not Patriots v. Broncos, but Brady v. Manning.  In actuality, all of these QB’s are amazing and defense may dictate. 
I am very happy and excited to watch the last two weekends; however, IT BETTER BE “MANNING” IN THE SUPERBOWL!  (Please God?)


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