December 13, 2015: Homeward Bound

I'm on a jet plane flying home. Denver first to reach Garrett's destination. And then I will board another plane to my final destination of Omaha. My arrival time to home will likely be midnight.

All good. A great weekend was had in the city that never sleeps. And although I enjoyed the round-the-clock entertainment, I am hopeful Omaha proves to be more peaceful.

I did fail to mention in my last blog the street party outside our hotel that awoke us at 4:30 a.m. With loud voices muffled by blaring music, Garrett got up observe our unplanned wake-up call.

His report back to me was descriptive. There were three cars parked in the street outside our hotel window. With opened doors, music channeled out of the cars with the apparent dozen or so occupants dancing in the streets. A party. We still haven't a clue what they were celebrating, but the noise eventually dissipated shortly after Garrett's observation.

Yesterday's NYC activities for us included visiting the 9/11 Memorial, walking Battery Park and the Brooklyn Bridge, and taking in a Broadway Show. The bookends of our day were coffee at Joe's in the morning with our final hurrah a birthday dinner at the Chef's Club.

Following a timeline that is typical of NYC and that of our enthusiastic friends, coffee was at 11:00 a.m. and dinner at 11:00 p.m. My final logged steps of the day were recorded as the firsts of Sunday.

We had spectacular weather for this holiday get-a-way. Light jackets felt too much at times. Food, entertainment and company were equally fabulous. Although we missed the much anticipated coconut filled doughnut (only baked on weekdays. who knew?), lunch was an Italian venue in the Seaport District. I chose the chef's special of daily prepared mushroom-filled ravioli. An outstanding choice. Our late-night dinner was even more impressive with spare-ribs for two. Another chef's special coupled with a nice Bordeaux wine.

Al in character as Mickey Ross
The Broadway show featured Al Pacino. China Doll. Our front row seats offered us a birds eye view of this aging, but ultra-talented actor. There were only two actors in the entire show centering around a wealthy man, his young fiancee, and an airplane. The show didn't get great reviews, but seeing the legend perform within arms reach was fascinating. Thoughts of Michael from the Godfather, all grown up, were front and center of my mind.

Today included a wonderful lunch in Chinatown. We enjoyed dim sum. A cuisine new to me. Very good! I only wish I had a road map of the ingredients in the many dumplings I enjoyed.

I would be amiss not to note that Garrett and I did take a wrong turn off of the subway. By the time we made it to our dim sum, my Microsoft Band alerted me that I had met my step goal for the day. Garrett, the guilty one in charge of the map, quickly reminded me of my previously logged steps after our late night/early morning dinner.

The weather couldn't have been more cooperative for our missteps. So I forgave him. And whether a 1:00 a.m. walk back to our hotel or a brisk morning walk through Chinatown, people were swarming the sidewalks and streets.

New York City. The city that really never sleeps.

Now Garrett is snoozing next to me, hoping to change up the karma of his losing Broncos. The Southwest Flight Tracker says we are 2 hours and 14 minutes until landing. Tomorrow we will back to normal. Well, at least the new normal.

Tomorrow will also signify Day 6 of my self-proclaimed 24 Days of Christmas. Day 24 will land on New Year's Day. Seems appropriate. Then a new chapter officially begins.

Until then, it's a full-fledged celebration of life with those who matter most. NYC was a perfect kick off...

Picture taken from the Brooklyn Bridge


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