January 12, 2015: Streaks

We were able to sneak away for a drink and apps on our anniversary

I love a good picture and a good story. And a good margarita doesn't hurt either.

Today my husband flew back to Denver. By my calculations, we spent close to a month straight by each other's side. That is a first in our history of 63 months of togetherness.

And then there is our other record. Our record of never missing a day of communicating since our first call. This has yet to be broken. By my quick calculation, we are on day number 1925 of that streak.

In my estimation, this daily communication doesn't give us bragging rights. That is pretty easy to accomplish in today's world; even with the 550 mile distance that stood between us most days during years 1 - 4. We like communicating and sharing life. A plus for a couple that I don't take for granted.

But 30 days of togetherness. That was a happy feat.

Planes, work and kids' schedules dominate our lives. Although we are much more frequently together than in years past, a 30 day run is a crowned jewel. And a little scary. What if we really didn't like each other as much as we thought?

Emptying the dishwasher and carpooling to work is not as sexy as weekly date nights and the longing of seeing each other after a one week separation. But we passed the test. Emptying the dishwasher and meal planning is much nicer with a loved significant other who happens to be a wonderful best friend.

True love rarely wears makeup, doesn't always put her shoes away, nor uses his manners in bodily releases. My guy who wants to talk through everything has shown patience while his impatient wife humors him in elongated conversations on subjects like dishwasher management. And always a good move by both, as we can always learn a thing or two from the positive innate wiring of the other.

So what does tonight look like?

Omaha: Sandy rules the roost with the solo child act of Grant Lane. Ben went back to college yesterday. It's quiet, but very satisfying. After a productive day at work and school, Grant and I enjoyed a homemade feast of salmon and broccoli pasta. The College Championship game plays on the TV while Grant goes in and out of sleepiness.

Denver: Although I am unsure of the exact home setting, I am guessing Garrett and son, Jake, are watching the game as well. With kid activities, a drive-through meal is likely. And with Zach joining game-watching after he gets off of work, testosterone will be running on a football high.

It's all good. Grant has only asked twice on the whereabouts of Garrett. Just when he gets used to our new normal, we throw him a curve ball. What? Sandy without Garrett? Who would have thought?

Wednesday will be 'reunited and it feels so good'. But until then, we will fly solo and hold down our respective forts. As we all know, absence really does make the heart grow stronger.....


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