January 1, 2015: A New Year

Over sushi and wine last night, my husband encouraged me to get back to writing. Acknowledging my drought of recent months, I agreed that my blog absence wasn't from lack of material, but lack of time.

"Start writing everyday again. You have good things to say and share."

A nudge.

Actually, a fair reaction to my pleadings with him on best fulfilling my life's purpose. A conversation that had gone deep, was brought to a more realistic place. Just keep writing and take one day at a time. Just give every day my best.

Good advice.

Writing makes me think. It pushes me to organize my thoughts and take life observations to the next level of clarity. Sharing my perspective and life stories also challenges me to be the best I can each day. Reflection is a good thing.

Today is the first of 2015. And so I will write. I would add that today really was an ordinary day, which was divine.

This last week has been a whirlwind. Although I have been sharing pictures of our recent adventures, I will now add some 'behind the scenes' commentary. Note that even the best of days seem come with some adversity along the way. Life really is beautiful, albeit imperfect.

Garrett and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Phoenix. The story behind the trip was our desire for Garrett to reach the highest status with Southwest Airlines. Three weeks before Christmas, Garrett realized he was four flights short of scoring me a companion pass (I would travel free with Garrett for a full year).

Like a couple of college kids booking Spring Break, Garrett and I scoured the Southwest site looking for warm places to fly before the year came to a close. Four one-way flights later (Omaha to Denver, Denver to Phoenix and reverse), you may now consider me Garrett's Companion for 2015.

Our quick trip to Phoenix included a sunset hot air balloon ride on Christmas Eve and an amazing hike on Christmas Day. We also caught two dine-in movies and enjoyed drinks and appetizers at the Ritz Carlton. And all of this in 70 degree weather.

What didn't show up in the posted photos was the fact that I was battling stomach flu the entire trip. When not in the bathroom or seeking a bathroom, I was wondering where I could find the closest bathroom. But I rallied through, not wanting our trip dampened. And God was looking out for me by giving me a break from the worst of the bug when I was a mile high in the air and on top of the mountain.

We were home in Omaha for a mere twenty-four hours before flying back to Denver with my three boys + girlfriend in tow. Zach showed up in the nick of time for our flight after enjoying a night out with friends the night before. His mother wasn't pleased. But we all made it to Colorado safely.

Our four days in Denver together included a professional sports 'hat trick'. We made it to three professional games during our time together; NHL Avalanche/Blackhawks, NFL Broncos/Raiders, NBA Nuggets/Lakers. They were a ton of fun.

But there is a bit of a story behind the story. Although the seats and the games were spectacular, we got a surprise when we went to find our car after the Nuggets. In ten degree weather, we found our car missing. It was towed. Oops.

What seemed like a disaster ended up fine, at least for everyone but Garrett. Ben and Zach quickly procured a Suburban (Uber guy contracted outside of Uber). The seven of us piled in and made the most of what would have appeared to be a bad situation. Our driver was very nice and safely delivered us home. I kept telling the kids to pretend we rented a limo and to look at the window at Christmas lights.

Poor Garrett had the worst end of the deal as he had to wait in the cold for the tow owner to show up. But with a lightened wallet and cold car, he made the 40 minute trek home to join us.

And now they are all gone. The kids are with their other parents. Zach is busy with friends. Garrett and I enjoyed a movie and dinner last night as a couple. Today was eerily quiet. Although Zach showed up at the house later today and Garrett's kids will be back tomorrow night, the quiet of today has me thinking about the look and feel of 2015.

The picture above was taken Monday night at a Mexican restaurant after we went to a movie. The Lane boys together. I'm not sure when this will happen again. That causes me to pause <sigh>. The older they get, the more difficult it is to get them together. School, work, distance. And they increasingly are forging their own lives, independent of our little family unit.

So today, I will cherish the moments, good and bad. Together is a wonderful thing.


  1. Happy FIRST Anniversary to you and Garrett. Best wishes for the New Year!

  2. Thank-you so much!! Cheers to a great first year :)


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