November 18, 2014: Let the Fun Begin...

Who says my house is quiet???
I ran into a friend and fellow Skutt mom at parent-teachers conferences about a month back. Her question to me centered around the perceived quietness in my life.

"You haven't been blogging lately. I bet life is quiet without Ben around."

I went on to answer with positivism on Grant and my new routine. Yes, it was more quiet. And, yes, we did miss Ben a little bit. But quiet was good with blog subjects less abound with my purported favorite subject out of the house.

Life has continued at a hectic, but predictable pace. It actually took some time for Grant and I to get used to two days a week with just the two of us. With a husband in Denver on Mondays and Tuesdays, I hadn't a clue what these days would feel like less Ben.

Three kids to two was a much easier transition than two to one. Our new two-person existence actually felt awkward for a while. Neither Grant nor I knew what it felt like less his older brothers. A feeling neither of us had experienced before. We didn't quite know what to do as a duo act, but we adjusted.

Ben soon became an afterthought, just like his brother before him. Both missed, but only a text or phone call away. Life kept moving at rapid pace.

Tonight was the first real flashback to life with Ben. It is now obvious to me that Grant was paying close attention to his brother's carefree shenanigans.

Ben was the kid at the 8th grade graduation reception who stood on a chair and invited his entire class to our house after the festivities. There were 99 kids in his class. Yes, it was impromptu. And, yes, I agreed on the fly. Note that I am a sucker for spontaneity and would hate to leave anyone out.

Some sympathetic parents agreed to come 'help out'. My only rule was that every kid needed to be gone by 10:00. My front and back yard was infested with 13 year olds. They were in every crevice of fun available on my half acre lot; hoops in the front, hot tub in the back, trampoline, swing set and quiet conversations involving the opposite sex in dark corners of my yard. Chaperoning was pointed and keen.

Fast forward five years later. Tomorrow Skutt has no school. In groves, the freshmen made plans to go to a group movie tonight. I dropped off four boys with another mom coordinating their pick up. Minutes into the movie, I received the first text.

"Can I have some people overnight"

With a little hesitation, I agreed.

"There are like 9. Is that ok?"

"We won't be loud"

"Their parents say ok. They may call you."

"Please mom"

"There may be a couple more"

"Thank you so much. Can you get pizza?"

To sum up my answers and the outcome: 9 grew to 13 boys (14 including Grant). Yes, many parents did call me. Yes, I did pick up pizza which this crew devoured in 5 minutes. They are loud and I am sure the newly stocked Gatorade and bottled water will be gone by morning.

But they were all courteous, with those I didn't know introducing themselves. And they are so young. I can now remember Ben and Zach at this age. They grow big...really big, really fast.

A couple of the boys noticed Ben's football poster from last year, which hangs in his old room.

"What position did your brother play? Was he good?"

I loved hearing Grant talk about his brother with pride. I think he actually misses him.

And I do believe boy #3 was paying close attention to brother #1 and brother #2. Possibly too close of attention. Wish me luck....


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