November 16, 2014: Hot Water

So my intent was to post this blog last Tuesday. And then I had second thoughts.

The picture Grant took of me to accompany my story later struck me as provocative. It seemed innocent enough when I ran into the house soaking wet. My request of my 14 year-old was to follow me out into the cold to take the photo of note.

"Grant, I have a blog story on my mind. Come out and take a quick picture for me!"

All this with a towel around me, fleece hat on head, and swimsuit on body. Grant didn't blink an eye. Either a good or bad testament to his mother's parenting prowess.

But the swimsuit was the ultimate problem. Where no straps work best in hot tubs, the lack-thereof give the appearance of swimsuit non-existence.

Fast forward five days and my blog still sat in draft. The picture was on my mind.

So tonight I asked my friend, Robbie, for validation. I pulled up the hot tub picture on my phone and simply asked "what do you think?"

Her instant response..."you're in the hot tub naked with just a hat on."


At this point, I couldn't possibly put my 14 year-old son through the torture of a second picture just to show his mother's swimsuit straps that were missing in the first.

And, frankly, it's much colder tonight than Tuesday night. I don't feel like the hot tub. A hot bath sounds better. People should believe me, shouldn't they? They would know that I would not post anything so scandalous on a blog site centered on ordinary days.

My dad has always told me...don't defend yourself if you've done nothing wrong.

So below is my proof. And then on with the story. I am ready to post...

Note Straps on top. I tie them up across my chest when in hot tub so they are out of the way.
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grant noticed the dusting of snow this morning first. His response was one of excitement. Mine was to slowly get out of bed in search of my first cup of hot coffee.

Getting out of bed is much harder for me on cold mornings. With my dog nestled on my side and fat cat at my feet, movement is slow and deliberate. A very comfortable and warm predicament on a cold fall morning.

Knowing my youngest child would be soon knocking on my door in encouragement to grab my car keys and get him to school, I responded with a foot out of bed.

Warm beds and warm tubs have always been a weakness for me. I like to stay in them.

A reprieve from the winter is staying in my warm bed. A little gift before the stark cold floor and reality of the morning.

After pouring on layers for cold morning runs and school drop-offs, I head straight for my hot bath. This is morning bliss with the warm water bringing my blood to proper temperature necessary for me to go about my day.

At night my guilty indulgence turns from the morning snooze to the hot tub. Same guilty pleasure of warm serenity, but a different venue. And its just as difficult to pry me away from the warm retreat of pillowing bed as bubbling hot tub. Just with the added treat of a glass of wine and the view of the stars shining on me from above.

In years past, I would sit in this same hot tub, wishing upon a star like the little girl that I once was. Wishing for happy days and thoughts of gazing at the same stars from a different vantage point in the world. Although my primary home remains in Omaha, I often think of these hot tub thoughts throughout my travels, gazing at the same stars in the sky from different venues; always lovingly thinking of the warmth and comfort of the hot tub in my back yard.

Although I am not sure where my affinity to warm beds and hot tubs comes from, I will blame it on my upbringing. I grew up in a cozy Iowa home where we didn't own a shower. We took baths. Although a handheld attachment was added to our faucet as a mock-shower in high school, baths were the standard protocol. Bubbles, wash cloths, and fighting for the last bit of hot water was a way of life on 119 Harrison Street. And I liked it.

My room was chilly on the top floor. No go-green and extra-efficient furnaces in our old house. Remodeling brought modern amenities like central air and more roomy closets, but I relied on a built in space heater and electric blanket for heat. I cranked them so high you could cook an egg in my room. And I like it. A lot.

So now it has turned cold. Slippers and fleece jammies have been resurrected. The fireplace is a plus, but the comfort of warm water on a cold day and a warm bed on a chilly morning....the best. Bar none.


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