May 5, 2014: 333

Tonight I sit in my backyard; enjoying the sound of rough-housing young adult boys. Note that although Ben is not in the picture above, he was among the frenzy earlier. He exited play prematurely due to a ball taken in the face. I guess my new soccer ball purchase still poses a danger, even post-adolescence.

Three boys. With three birthdays now past. 21, 18, 14. All golden years. Tonight I am enjoying some golden times that will soon be a memory. I have about three weeks left, to be exact.

Ben is in his final stretch of high school. Grant has less than two weeks left of grade school. For Zach, it's all about planning his move to Denver. So tonight there is loud laughter from the combined trio. But by fall, my backyard will be silent.

Last Wednesday on Zach's 21st birthday, I played a little hooky to have a small celebration with my eldest. I felt pressure from all ends of my professional life. Frankly, I had no time for a mid-afternoon escapade. But my heart told me otherwise.

After years of little boy birthday parties and childish celebrations, I couldn't look past the opportunity of an adult son carving out an hour for his mom. An opportunity to be embraced, not disregarded. I can truly say I have few regrets in balancing work time with my kids over the years. With heightened life responsibilities, I had to revert to what I have always done best. I chose Zach.

With a call to Ben to help me with car pool in order to open my calendar, I drove across town to pick up my newly minted adult son. My mind was racing with a mental to-do list that included problems to be resolved and phone calls to be returned. With a hint of regret in my decision-making, I continued to go with my gut and proceeded to my son's rented house near Downtown.

With radio silent and mind blaring, I reflected on his 21 years past and the fact that life has never slowed down for me over those 21 years. Yet we always pulled off great birthdays full of joy and family happiness. Even among the chaos that went hand in hand with that period in life.

As I approached Zach's home, I noted the coincidental time on the clock of 3:33. Immediately looking up, the street number struck me. 33rd Street. My mind was instantly wiped clean of cluttering thoughts. A sign? Three boys, three birthdays...was the thought that crossed my mind.

I later did an Internet search that revealed 333 as a sign of the equilateral triangle; mind, body, spirit. Balance. A reminder that my perfect balance of three was out of whack. If any one of the triangle is lopsided, you will not reach your full potential as a human was the explanation on the Internet site. The sign of three.

I have now had some time to re-balance the triangle. Order has been restored again. And I can happily say that going with my gut has really never done me wrong. Sometimes I just need little reminders....


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