May 31, 2014: Mexico Day 1

Well, so good. The boys are still standing and their mom is still smiling.

Our day started with a late breakfast and then a lot of resort playing and relaxing. Rain came and went intermittently throughout the day. The boys spent most of their time competing in sand volleyball; regardless of the rain.

They have met many others through their 24 hour sand volleyball adventures. Coined "The Graduates", they have taken on "The Texans" on more than one occasion for scheduled matches on the ocean-side court. Dads and other bystanders comfortably jump in on a game that seems continuous from daybreak to sunset.

Personally, I have just been taking it all in. Spending my early afternoon perusing the resort grounds solo and then listening to an 80's band with the full Omaha Skutt troop during a mid-day rain shower. Later we enjoyed a joint cocktail party and gathered for group pictures.

And now I sit quietly in my room, clicking away at my computer.

A friend termed an individual descriptor that I had never thought of; an extrovert/introvert. Basically it's an extrovert who needs some alone time on occasion. The older I get, the more I find myself falling into this category.

The big boys just left the room as I entered. They had changed into their swim suits for a night swim. By the time they come back revert to the dry clothes, I will likely be ready to be my more typical extroverted self.

Until then, I will listen to the quiet hum of the ocean waves in the background. As the resort never seems to sleep, I am sure the break will be worthwhile as more fun awaits.....

My view from the table after dinner (boys and friends ditched me minutes before)


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