February 27, 2012: Small Victories

Embarrassingly I have to admit that I am one of "those" parents who feels the greatest satisfaction in my children's small victories in life.  I guess the good news is that I'm not a helicopter mom who has to experience these victories with them.  My satisfaction most times lies in hearing about them later.

Yesterday I was out of town.  My youngest two sons were enjoying their weekend with their dad.  Although 550 miles away, two phone calls made my day.  The first one came from my exuberant 15 year old, excitedly telling me how he got his first real job.  He had been working on this food service job for over a month.  The restaurant was a new breakfast cafe less than a mile from our house.  Ben went in on his own accord after they opened and inquired on a bus boy position.  The manager asked him to come back the next morning for an interview.  With a breakfast crowd, this meant before 6:30 a.m. and Ben was there and punctual.  Although the interview went well, there was not enough business yet to add another bus boy.  The manager asked him to check back in a couple of weeks.

Ben stayed persistent.  "She liked me, Mom,"  Ben told me with confidence.  "I think I have the job."  Although I was a little pessimistic and secretly hoped he hadn't placed all of his eggs in one basket, a month and two visits later; he got the job.  And hearing his voice on the phone, so excited in telling me the manager's exact words to him on his new job (as host, no less) made his mother's heart warm with pride.

My second call was to hear about Grant winning first place in his wrestling tournament.  Grant finished last season and started this season getting pinned within minutes at most matches.  His quick acceleration in weight had taken him a bit off guard.  With wrestling, a higher weight many times means stronger and older opponents.  Unfortunately most of Grant's added weight was in his waistline which is no added competitive advantage to him.  But he rallied and stayed persistent; never missing practice or asking to drop out of wrestling.  So here we are at the conclusion of the season and good old Grant-man wins his 5 man bracket pretty decisively.

Tonight I will do what I do best...cook a celebratory feast to commemorate the wonderful weekend.  <smile>.


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