February 2001: Fun in the Snow

Brynnie rocks Baby Grant after a day in the snow

This pix was snapped after a day of snow day frolicking...inside and out.  Brynn Marie Lane, my faithful sidekick and forever helper, would have been 12 years old and Grant, short of his first birthday.  Those were the days when Brynn would spend days upon days at my side; the daughter I never had, but the niece that I loved with all my heart.  The particular day when this photo was taken mirrored today's snow day and led me to seek out this photo memory .  Brynn had spent the night before at my house and we woke up to glorious snow...soft, fluffy, piles of snow.

Zach would have been seven at the time and Ben, a mere four years old.  As was typical for me, I spent a good portion of our time inside cooking and baking as we savored the sweet smells from the kitchen.  The boys jumped from coloring to playing with "guys" to watching Disney movies.  But the outdoor playground called to them and resulted in intermediate pleadings to bundle them up in snow pants, hats, boots, and gloves.  Brynn was the ever helpful cousin, taking them out each time they asked with many of the outings lasting about as long as the time it took to put on all of their outwear.  We went through this routine throughout the day of playing outside, getting cold or too wet, coming in to warm up and play, and then back outside again.

Red cheeked and sun setting, the kids finally came in for the day right before this picture was taken.  Grant was tuckered out.  Brynn, my little babysitter, got him out of his snow clothes and into his jammies and in the rocker before I even had the older two boys situated back to our inside routine.  As you can see, Grant was just as comfortable on Brynnie's lap as I was having Brynn as an extension of my family :)

Underneath all of the clothes...Brynn with Grant and Ben playing outside at our old house on 164th Ave.


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