November 28, 2015: Road Trip in the Books

My panoramic view from my middle seat vantage point
Well, we are done. Road trip completed and a success.

Zach has his gun equipment. Delivered and set-up, his shop is almost opened for business.

The two drivers and their sidekick (me) are now cozy in the warmth of our Denver home. Christmas decorations are up. Simmering chili with freshly made cornbread are in the kitchen. And Stanford and Notre Dame are playing some pretty good football on the screen in front of us.

We collectively drove 1,070 miles over two travel days. Adding a one-way flight at the beginning and a one-night hotel stay at the end, the comforts of home are feeling pretty good right now.

Our 26 foot truck did the job. Carrying 4,000+ pounds of gun machining equipment, we named our diesel-loving and dependable rental, the Heifer. She was a bit stubborn going up hills and wanted a nap rather than a start at a truck stop in Iowa. But in the end, she faithfully did her job before we returned her to the Penske store in Fort Collins.

My seat was in the middle as Garrett and my father-in-law took turns at the wheel. The driver bounced in the bucket seat to the rhythm of the Heifer. The passenger usually napped or shared in our on-going conversations.

As for me in the middle, I knew not to provide input to the driver. The guy in the passenger seat had that role covered. I just kept on alert for diesel and McDonald's exit signs. Fuel for the Heifer and fuel for three coffee drinkers in the cab.

Our conversations ranged from faith and religion to relationships and companionship. Stories full of the firsts, the best, and random childhood memories. Laughs and lots of life sharing. All over the course of over eighteen hours on the road.

Two of my favorite trips in years past were road trips I took with my own parents. One weaved us through the western states and then east to Omaha. The second followed the ocean up scenic California Highway One.

Although this trip wasn't for the scenery, but a destination and delivery; it proved to be just as good.

I have often told people who are compiling their bucket lists to be sure to include a road trip with their parents. The best of times. At least with my parents. And my father-in-law. It really doesn't get much better than that.

Home. And for those not watching, Stanford won.


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