October 31, 2015: My Ordinary Day

I saw this dress in the window in Katina's after date night last week. A buy.
Well, where do I even start to describe my ordinary days of late? I always say the 'unbloggable stories' are the best. But I will let sleeping dogs lie. At least, for now. Today's blog will encompass the simple things in life that bring the real enjoyment we all yearn.

Let's start with my new dress. This may seem very 'vanilla' to most, but a good day for me can later be defined to include a particular dress or pair of boots. My guilty indulgence.

I just had this conversation over coffee with a couple of co-workers. They had complimented me on my dress of the day and accompanying jewelry. Flattered and happy with their positive comments, I shared with them my love for all things fun and wearable.

Together we discussed how we all 'have our thing'. For my husband this is high-tech machines; bikes, technology, and anything mechanical in nature. He also has a close affinity to Sports Authority.

For my co-workers the list included good perfume in wide varieties and a collection of fanciful eye wear. Jackets were also discussed, as well as cooking gadgets and books.

We all smiled reflecting on these little treasures that we have each individually come to appreciate.

My husband's weakness has it's benefits for me. I am now sporting a new Microsoft Band, just released yesterday. He bought two on it's release day. One for me and one for him. I will now be able to accurately record by close of night how many steps I walked and number of calories burned; as well as my current heart rate.

Text messages, weather, and other on-line updates are now showing up on my wrist with no need for me to glance at my phone. By morning, I will be able to give you all the stats on my night's sleep. All this and more for a girl with only an eye for a great new dress. Thank-you, Garrett.

Dinner tonight at Sullivan's stemmed from my desire to find an excuse to wear my new dress of note. A trip to the Durham Western Heritage Museum just prior to our dinner reservation got us out of West Omaha and into a venue new to my husband.

Another guilty indulgence of mine. I love to be entertained and I love the arts. This is a bit new to my techie husband. He used to refer to our casual outings to museums and shows as his 'getting cultured' by me. Six years later, he now equally enjoys them.

A week ago, he laughed by my side throughout the entire Broadway production of "Kinky Boots". The wildlife photography exhibit at the Durham was well worth the extra hour we allowed ourselves before dinner. And all with my MS Band giving me an update on my steps walked and a reminder of our dinner reservation fifteen minutes out.

What a team we have become. Technology and linear thinking meets art and monkeys in the brain. A match made in Heaven.

Dinner was spectacular, by the way. Full of great conversation and rehashing of our last few years together. Many lessons have been learned with a focus on how we best chart out our future course. And for the record, we both still believe in red meat, red wine, and room for desert.

A great night to break out my new dress.


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