October 17, 2015: Good Morning, Boise!

Relaxing over a beer while watching the stunning Coeur d'Alene sunset

We are in Boise now. Our fifth city visited and with our fifth hotel check-in last night.

From last Sunday, we have covered 856 miles in our rental car. Our start was in Missoula, Montana. Tomorrow our adventure will end with a flight home out of Boise, Idaho. And what a fun adventure it's been.

I have been reminded that the best travel companions are those who share common interests while putting up with the other's individual quirkiness. Garrett fulfills both of these requirements.

Case in point. We are right now sitting in a laundromat on the 'outskirts' of downtown Boise (i.e. a little suspect). Sipping our Starbucks, with my purse filled with $20 in quarters, we wait for the wash cycle to finish to move on to the dry cycle. I like to go home with clean clothes. My quirk.

Garrett has humored me in walking across downtown Boise with a roller bag filled with dirty clothes. I am sure we resembled a homeless couple as we made this walk of shame.

But no worries on appearances. I am a mere hour away from having my luggage filled with my guilty pleasure of folded cleanliness. Unfortunately our hotel only had an outside laundry service. Thank-you Google for guiding us to this shady spot smelling of Downy freshness.

Last night was my turn to be the good travel companion. With seats at the bar of a local brewery, we were within eye shot of every televised football game. My husband loves sports. And I am always right by his side, never taking offense to a dinner that includes the third guest in our party of a big screen TV. Perhaps three sons have trained me well for this important role.  

I'm not complaining. I like it. Following the local teams at the local bars and pubs is fun. Unfortunately Boise State had a rough night this go around. Texts and Twitter updates also kept me up-to-date on my favorite football team back home, Skutt Catholic. Another sad loss for our Friday night football favorites. Fortunately our beer sampling and pizza were excellent. They made the pain of these losses much more manageable.

Commonality and quirks. Just what real life is all about. Garrett and I will hit our second movie of this trip this afternoon. We love movies. My ever-planner husband has the tickets already purchased with seats awaiting our arrival.

We have enjoyed all the outdoors we could take in over the last five days. With scenic hikes and walks, we have seen God's glorious fall paintbrush canvasing this part of the world. Once we complete our laundry, next on the list is to walk Boise and check out the local life.

As my favorite travel companion waits patiently next to me with iPad in hand and the lulling hum of the dryers in the background, let the good times continue.


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