September 7, 2015: Football Chronicles Continue

2009 ~ 2015
Tonight I enjoyed watching my 15 year-old-play some high school football. It was rainy and a Monday night closing out a long holiday weekend. A lot of reasons for preferring the comforts of home. But that thought never crossed my mind.

The Lane boys love their football. And their mom enjoys cheering them on. Tonight was no different from when my years of football began in 2000 with Zach as a pee-wee Steeler.

Following a win at Skyhawk Stadium tonight, I waited for Grant to come off the field. As my mind floated with plans for dinner and retrieving dry clothes, Grant's went down the path of which friend was 'having people over'. No school for Skutt tomorrow.

But always the gentleman and likely trying to schmooze his mom into releasing him to the wilds of his friends, he grabbed me and asked one of his female friends to snap a picture. The picture to the right was the result.

As he put his black glove on my shoulder, I was quickly reminded of his size. He will likely be the biggest of the Lane Boys. The other two didn't tower over me at this age. Time will tell, I am sure.

Looking at the picture post-photo-op, the position of his gloved hand reminded me of an old picture from years back prior to a Husker football game. The picture in my mind's eye was of my black gloved hand resting on Grant's shoulder. Scanning through old FaceBook pictures, I located the picture of note (above left).

Pictures side-by-side, I could take in what just happened in a six year time span.

The visual was glaring to me. Little Grant. All grown up. And still smiling.

At Friday night's varsity game, I found myself watching the little boys running through the stands looking for their parents for candy money or to retrieve a hoodie. I kept having to remind myself that Grant was now on the field and I no longer need to search him out behind the stands, running with the packs of grade school boys.

Finally the day has come that Lane Boy #3 gets his chance on Skyhawk turf. A boys dream. And a mama who will just keep enjoying the ride.


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