October 7, 2014: Happiness

Sunrise picture I took on my way to Skutt with Grant this morning

I toyed around with calling this blog Positivity and then went with my gut and called it Happiness.

No one can take that away from me. I own that feeling.

Today I read a post from a perceptive young man on FaceBook. He asked the question "What does it take for someone to be happy?" I loved it. Perfect timing.

I spent the day battling the devil. In small ways and in big ways. The deadly sins of greed, envy, pride, and manipulation with selfish motive (my self-proclaimed 8th) are abound.

Such is life. I have choices to make. Dance with the devil and get pulled into the crap. Or rise above it?

I chose #2.

On the drive to drop Grant off at school this morning, I was enthralled with God's beauty in the rising sun. Grant rolled his eyes as I snapped pictures at the stoplight next to school.

"Mom!! Stop" was his pleading. But then he smiled.

Just two nights prior, he pointed out the beauty of a sunset on our drive home from Village Point. It warmed my heart that he knew to find joy in the sky. God's canvas.

Life is so much bigger than ourselves. My hope is to instill this in my own children. On more days that most, I smile reflecting on their ability to see life beyond their own needs and wants.

So tonight I relish in the small things that bring happiness. Positivity pulls me along. That half-full glass is much more alluring than the alternative.

As I type on my keyboard and enjoy expressing my feelings in the written word, I dance to the background Pandora selection of "Play that Funky Music". Happiness.

A text comes in from my college boy, Ben. Top of the order are his 18 year-old goals and a shoe purchase. <smile>

Zach changed a profile picture to a favorite photo I snapped. Photo memories bring me happiness.

A sleeping and appreciative 14 year-old in the basement warms my heart.

And reading a "bitchy" blog post from a talented and big-hearted friend reminds me of the importance of not taking myself too seriously.

No one said this journey of life was going to be easy. It is the inevitable consequence of being human (can we blame Eve?).

I will now take on the question of my wise young friend.

"What does it take for someone to be happy?"

My answer:

Perspective. Forgiveness (including of yourself). And the ability to embrace joy.

That pretty much sums it up for me.

Oh....and positivity. I will throw that in for good measure. Embracing the little pieces of joy that surround you will help win in the daily life battles. A great place to land your heart and keep our journey in perspective. Just my humble opinion.

Photo Caption - Joy and Love

Photo Caption - Love and Support


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