October 16, 2014: Honeymoon Serenity

Serenity on Inspirational Point hike

Honeymoons are fun. No matter how many times you go on them.

I have been questioned, rightfully so, on whether this was really our first honeymoon. Technically it is the first honeymoon, but for the second marriage.

Do note that I understand the confusion on multiple fronts.

Referring back to a prior blog on how we planned a wedding in fifteen days, the honeymoon planning didn't get any more attention. We got married in January. And then Garrett went on a guys ski trip to Telluride in February. True to my nature, I haven't let this one pass without spousal scrutiny.

I deemed the trip, Garrett's honeymoon with Mike (ski friend). Since I have not let opportune moments pass without reminding him (continuously) that he took our honeymoon without me.

Noteworthy was that I had my own trip to Mexico planned with my adult children (no Garrett) at the time of the Telluride trip (did I mention that I wasn't invited to Telluride?). In my favor was the timing of this May excursion being far beyond our nuptials. I call this good planning on my part.

By summer there was still no honeymoon, but a lot of playful banter on this subject between me and my new husband. All fun aside, Garrett and I both have a practicality to us where frivolities like honeymoons appear unnecessary accommodations. We would be just fine.

And then came an unexpected trip to Del Coronado California to disburse Garrett's mother's ashes in the ocean. It was a beautiful, but quick trip. We deemed it our honeymoon together and called a truce on our bantering on prior solo excursions. A gorgeous weekend get-away was in the books. All seemed good in our worlds.

We continued our newlywed lives with the routine of work, fly to Colorado, fly to Omaha, take care of busy kids....and then do the same things all over again. Enjoying each day together and the challenges in front of us, we found ourselves in daily routines. No complaints, mind you, as we looked forward to weekly date nights and changes of scenery as we be-bop between our Colorado and Nebraska homes.

But then one night in Colorado, many months post wedding day, Garrett and I took a breath and began reminiscing on our days pre-marriage. These were the days when we didn't spend every weekend together. When together, we didn't have our kids. Instead we traveled. We relaxed. And we were typically commitment-free. Marriage brought with it a re-arranged schedule of togetherness and more family time. But it also took away our pre-marriage honeymoon weekends.

As we relived these four years of dating and traveling, we committed to a trip with just the two of us; a real honeymoon. Although we love our new routine and time together, there was a longing to be away. Chaos free.

It was a great decision.

We chose a destination yet to be shared together. On that Saturday night by our fire pit in Colorado, Garrett carefully planned out a fall honeymoon to Jackson, the Tetons and Yellowstone Park. A brilliant plan was made over the warmth of the fire.

This scheduled trip later snuck up on us with little warning.

A week out, we looked at our calendars with the joint reaction of "how are we going to pull off a week away?" But a plan is a plan, and a honeymoon....our commitment to spend time together. Just the two of us for seven days.

So here I am blogging in the middle of nature's canvas of Yellowstone Park with the billowing Old Faithful out our window. We have stayed fairly caught up with the outside world. But our days have been filled with hikes, sight-seeing, and couple conversations. The beauty around us is stunning and nature never ceases to amaze.

Although the serenity of our days here started out eerie to our comparatively busy lives, it took little time for it to sink in as our week-long reality. At our inner core, Garrett and I are really all about quiet living. There is no doubt that when the dust settles in the years ahead, a fast-paced city will not be a part of our typical days. Mountain living, hikes, and the outdoors flow in our blood.

Tonight we finished the second leg of our three-legged journey. Tomorrow we will circle back to Jackson for our final stay until we reenter the hustle and bustle of Monday morning reality.

No doubt in my mind that honeymoons are a good thing. We should definitely do them more often.


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