July 5, 2014: Mountain Living

Zach and me atop Mount Evans
We are closing on Day Two of our three day weekend in Denver. The days have been full of mountains and scenic splendor.

Zach has his first out-of-town visitor this weekend with long-time friend, Nick. As nature's playground surrounds our Denver home, we had to take in some sites that were even new to me (at about 5 years into my Denver co-residency, I no longer consider myself a newbie).

Our weekend in the Rockies has been fun, but I have to admit that I'm getting a little exhausted. Although I have grown used to the drastic elevation changes, 14,000 feet is always a long ways up.

Today we drove to the top of Mount Evans and then hiked up its rocky terrain. We reached the elevation of 14,265. The views were stunning. Yesterday we hiked Evergreen Mountain with the Brucker kids. Zach and Nick joined another friend in Colorado Springs to take on The Incline. This hike was not for the faint of heart; 2,000 vertical feet in a mile span. Basically, straight up.

The best part of driving to new destinations in the Rockies is the sleepy mountain towns that accompany our adventures. I just love these little communities bursting with personality. People live in these places because they want to. Therefore, happiness abounds with a sense of peace resonating in the shops and cafes we visit.

Following our yesterday's hike up Evergreen Mountain, we enjoyed burgers, chicken, and a Bloody Mary on the upstairs deck of Little Bear. It was pure bliss to the eyes and the soul.

Per the historical account in the menu, the quaint bar and grille was once a church and then a drugstore. Now, a very busy eating establishment. Bikes of all sorts, motors and pedals, lined the narrow main street.

Today with Nick and Zach in tow, we enjoyed a great pizza icon in downtown Idaho Springs. Beau Jo's got a raving thumbs up from all of us. Strategically positioned on Miner Street, fourteen miles from the base of Mount Evans, we enjoyed the Colorado-style pizza (who knew Colorado had a style of pizza?) and beer served in mason jars. It was pleasure to our hiker taste buds.

Tomorrow......we are thinking Golden or Fort Collins. The options are endless, given we have enough energy left to do them. Tonight we relax with feet up in our backyard enjoying the view of the foothills. Our morning bike rides are out our front door with various routes throughout the 4,000+ acres of open space resting in the foothill beauty.

Life is good. I'm just seizing the moment and am happy that we are able to take it all in (we did sneak in some fireworks watching last night too...bonus).

My attempted selfie after my morning climb
Lily and Jake enjoying the mountain top

Evergreen Mountain hike


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