December 3, 2013: Bo who?

Our fans from up top :)
I am sick of hearing about Bo Pelini. No offense to those embroiled in the debate. I'm not being judgmental, just honest. As many throw around their coveted opinions of the University, I am going to take this time to thank UNL. Some well-deserved diversion from controversy for a simple act of kindness is due.

This gesture may seem small to others, but it meant a lot to us. And that's what the greatest acts of kindness are all about; small gestures that generate a lasting impact.

When our high school boys earned a trip to Memorial Stadium to play for the championship, we were thrilled. Traveling to this venue for their grand finale was a treat. As we planned for this event, it became apparent that the outdoors on a late November night was not an ideal option for many of the boys' grandparents.

Ben's grandpa is recovering from heart surgery. He can't sit out in the cold. With two grandsons on the team and a love for Memorial Stadium, the thought of his watching this game anywhere but Lincoln was sad. I was reminded of another grandpa on oxygen and a grandma in a wheelchair. Simply navigating the large stadium made the trip inconceivable for them.

Knowing that requests for a favor were likely frequent, I sent a random e-mail to the associate AD without expecting anything back. But you can never get a yes if you don't take the time to ask. The favor I asked for was indoor seating for our elder fans. I thought maybe there was a little pocket they could tuck away our weather-vulnerable fans.

Within thirty minutes of my request, I received a response. No problem. They gave us a suite. I was immediately hooked up with a suite coordinator who worked through all the details on access and gaining the suite tickets. She was incredibly helpful and gave our group the "suite treatment".

Without a bat of an eye, the folks at Husker Nation provided an incredible gift to a very happy group of grandparents. Not only were they able to watch the game from a warm, birds-eye view of the North Stadium; but they able to be an active part of their grandson's State Championship win.

I say it again...Bo who?

Thank-you UNL and the Athletic Department. Your small gesture will definitely have a lasting impact. Priceless.


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