June 4, 2017: Brothers

I am sitting on the back deck of a Chicago flat in Wrigleyville (while listening to Van Halen's Panama blaring from Ben's phone). The boys, now ripe ages of 24, 21, and 17, are celebrating a big Cubs win as the boys share their stories with each other after a weekend of brotherhood.

I quietly smile and type away at my computer. I am purely background music to the buzz of their conversation.

Ben asks me what it was like in the 80's when I was their age (his phone is now playing Kansas' Carry on my Wayward Son). Curiosity runs rampant as they ask what is it was like to be a 20 year old in 1987.

"What was Dad like in college?"

"What did you do at parties? Did they play good music?"

An entire conversation continues on a like vs a dislike for rap music ('trap music' per Ben). Grant and Ben exchange notes on their high school days. Zach's comments clearly reflect how much times have changed within the seven years age difference between him and Grant.

Kenny Logins is now playing in the background.

I get a hug from Grant as we all revel in our wonderful Chicago weekend together. This hasn't happened for a very long time. Although there is always a variety of events that we share together, rarely does it include all three of the Lane brothers. And even less rarely does it not include an entourage of other friends or family members.

Lane brothers trip... many moons ago!
The last documented vacation I show with just Brothers Lane was when we flew to California and visited our cousin, Stefano. The year was 2010. And they all had buzz haircuts, as opposed to the Duck Dynasty look we have going these days.

We were California adventurers and had a ball. Seven years later with a new world full of blended families (step-brothers, step-sisters, step-mother, and step-father), three separate cities of residence, and lots of outside obligations (dogs, girlfriend, roommates, jobs...), we somehow found a way for just the three to sneak off. First time for them at Wrigley Field. Three brothers with their mother as chaperone.

Life has moved forward at lightening speed from that California trip of 2010. But the kinship of brothers continues, just like when they vacationed together as children when their ages were in single digits. Views and personality vary, but brotherhood is forever.

This weekend was no different. They laughed. They argued. They shared a bit of life together. And then they laugh some more.

A weekend sweep by all accounts, for both the Cubs and the Lane boys.


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