May 1, 2016: Time to Launch (Part III of III)

#3 and last of my new professional pictures
Yep, time to launch. My time off has been an excellent ride, but I am now officially back in the work saddle. Reflection time is over. Clarity is in front of me; along with my LinkedIn account updated, a new Twitter account set up, and updated professional pictures taken. Lots more 'work collateral' is still in process, but I am officially back.

While working through my new business partnerships, I was asked for an updated CV (curriculum vitae) which is basically a fancy word for a resume. I hadn't updated my resume since 1990, so this was a big task. A lot has happened in the last twenty-six years of my life.

I have had three kids, two marriages, and one divorce during this time frame. I have also only worked for two companies. Although I had ownership in both and held various positions, my resume clearly only lists two companies as employers during this long stretch of time. An anomaly in today's working world.

One thing that became clear to me as I weighed my next work steps was my desire to not list a 3rd exclusive company name beside my next entry on my resume. I want the independence to choose the people I work with and the projects I work on. I want the creative liberty to say 'no' when my moral compass is crossed and 'yes' when I want to jump in with both feet.

My updated resume has a different kind of employer listed as

Sandy A Lane Consulting - Consultant | Advisor | Writer  (May 2016-present)
With my in-depth knowledge of the micro-economics of healthcare, proper alignment of provider incentives, and maximization of payer partnerships, this expertise provides my clients and collaborative partners insight into financial and operational success.

My experience within complex operations of scalable healthcare operations brings a wealth of knowledge to build both disruptive and innovative change to an industry in need of a tune up.

What does this mean, you ask? It means I am going to finish what I started in healthcare. But rather than working for one exclusive company, I will align with different companies while potentially working on multiple projects at the same time.

When explaining this to a friend, she looked at me quizzically, inquiring how I would do this. My explanation was simple. 'Like I always have.'

 At Think, a healthcare start-up, I worked on one big client/project. At Lutz, a CPA firm, I brought in clients and worked on multiple projects. I did this for twenty-two years.  I am continuing to do the same type of work without the roof of an outside employer and without an employee manual.

My many years in healthcare and finance have provided for me critical experience and hands-on knowledge. As an advocate for correcting the wrong in the world, my main focus will continue to be on the improvement of the healthcare delivery model, while reducing unnecessary cost and providing the best service and outcomes to the patient.

A quote on my temporary website best summarizes my personal mission in this regard:

"My background is in healthcare and finance, but my passion is in people.
 I have the unique blend of a deep knowledge in the intricacies of the business, coupled with an understanding of how to connect and empower the patient. Every patient is a human with unique needs. Understanding these needs should be the primary step in feeding a successful healthcare business model."

I am currently working on several interesting healthcare and finance projects. There will likely be some speaking and advising on these same subjects. Much in the works and I am loving the autonomy while working with great people.

My 90 days off and ensuing 'listening tour' allowed me time to reconnect with the best in the industry and those people I have admired and appreciated over my many years in the business. I look forward to many great continued collaborations in the years ahead.

The next most frequent question I am being asked relating to my future work is 'what about all of your other passions?' Yes, I am passionate about healthcare and love what I do in this business space, but is that enough? Am I fulfilling my life purpose by only focusing on my work in healthcare?

The answer I came to is 'no'. There are many other things in my life that I want to continue to grow and explore. Things I feel are a calling. The key is how I balance all of my endeavors. I have decided to start out with 80/20 rule.

My healthcare and consulting work embraces all three of my passion, proficiency, and profitability requirements for work. I initially plan on spending about 80% of my work time in these areas. The remaining 20% is for what I call my happy projects. These are things of which I am very passionate and proficient. Things I feel called to do, but may or may not lead to any associated profitability. And although money doesn't make the world go round, it is a component.

Some of these projects may always be hobbies or not-for-profit endeavors, while others may grow into greater business ventures than I ever anticipated. We shall see. But either way, I am having a ball spending time on these projects. They include writing, coaching, mentoring, and community service; along with a handful of other creative ideas that swirl in my brain.

Specific short-term tasks on my happy list include writing a book from my Ordinary Days blog posts. I am developing a separate e-book and new website on a Wordpress platform which will host a new blog site and more. And I have also been working on formalizing my credentials and training on tools to assist on coaching and mentoring those who seek my guidance.

My plate is filling with good people and good work. I am happy. That pretty much sums it up. There will be much more to share as the ideas and work builds. I have missed writing consistently in my Ordinary Days blog and greatly look forward to getting back on this saddle as well.

I will close with my new favorite quote as I look to my future...

'Talk' soon!

(This is Part III of three part blog post series...)


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