December 12, 2014: Sentimental Sandy

My record player and favorite holiday vinyl
Today I'm working from home. New windows are being installed. This was a planned expense. Last week the water heater was replaced and the week before that, the heater and air conditioner. None of which were planned. Ouch.

'Good attitude', I keep reminding myself. I will have a whole new house by the time I'm done! Expensive? Yes, but thank goodness I have saved for a rainy day (I thank my parents for teaching me this early in life). far as these last few weeks go...such is life.

Dealing with monetary matters and material 'stuff'' doesn't cause me to lose sleep. I fully realize that it's all just stuff. Here today, gone tomorrow. It's the non-material stress in life that requires me to stay focused and stay positive. Relationships, health, attitude...they all take work and are so intertwined with those around us; inner circle and outer circle. A careful balance with much nurturing is required. But even with the best nurturing, they can still go astray.

That's tough for me. I want to fix everything. And I think I can fix everything. It's in my DNA. When I can't, I'm bitterly disappointed. But...back to the wiring, I must rally. Happiness is a choice. I choose happy. Always. Even when life seems full of lemons.

A friend once complemented me on my positive attitude. She coined me Sentimental Sandy as I tended to reach back to happy life moments in times past. I do this in my story telling and picture sharing. If they warm my heart, I typically find a way to share these sentimental tidbits with others.

It's not a bad gig to be a little sentimental. It brings joy to the moment and it's of my free will on which memories I want to focus. I've personally never believed in holding a grudge. Holding on to negative feelings makes no sense to me. What does that gain? Nothing.

Rose colored glasses? Perhaps. But I sure have a happy life. A better choice, in my mind.

Today I dropped Garrett off at the office to proceed home to meet the Pella crew. The time required to deal with this home issues certainly hasn't been allotted in my time budget. But such is life. Time to turn on my favorite Sirius Christmas station, Traditional. I swoon with Bing Crosby and sing along with Bob Hope as he entertains the troops. I warmly think of my deceased grandparents as Glenn Miller swings to Jingle Bells. Happy.

At home, I quickly turn on my favorite Christmas vinyl. My parents played this same record when I was child. Our record player of the 70's was a large wooden piece of furniture, topped with burning Christmas candles, handmade decorations made at school, and a nativity scene.

I recently discovered this vinyl burrowed in a corner stack at an antique store. I was filled with sentimental joy when I found this treasure, deeming it a Godwink.

My morning has been filled with hanging my kids' pictures from Christmas' past and Santa letters on the wall of my art room. My "Christmas Music Festival" music fills the air of my small space with coffee mug steaming and my sweet pup is nestled in at my feet. A mini-Christmas tree sets in the corner, filled with ornaments from my childhood.

A good day, I believe. I wouldn't have it any other way. I choose happy.


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