March 7, 2014: Day Five

A little sunshine to add to a down day
Day Five. I am on Day Five of being down with the flu. That's a long time. A least, for me.

When I woke up feeling ill Monday morning, I convinced myself it was just a cold setting in. I would work from home in the morning, nurse the cold, and be back to normal by lunch. Not so much.

It soon became apparent that I was fighting a bug and likely the flu. By bedtime, I was miserable. My favorite physician's assistant advised on liquids and sleep. Not much more you can do with the flu, she told me. So I have been drinking lots of water and laying low. Being a rule-follower, I am following her advice.

My favorite physician's assistant also told me that it would take me a week to get better. I didn't believe her.

I always get better sooner than most. My ACL doctor told me I was his favorite kind of patient. My recuperation period was dreamy. This made me glow with pride. Exactly what I wanted to be; the patient given the big bright star. Rule follower.

So why won't the flu give me some breaks? Is this seriously going to take a week?

Perhaps I did bend the rules a bit by thinking I was recovered yesterday and making some quick appointments. I am paying today. No more breaking the rules.

As Garrett and I tried to enjoy a dinner together last night, he thoughtfully asked if we should reconsider our planned weekend in Denver. This was after giving me yellow tulips to brighten my day. Note that this will be Garrett and my last "no-kid" weekend before beginning our new married schedule of having one of our sets of kids each weekend. We deemed this as our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon weekend will now be spent in Omaha. With me coughing and lethargic on the couch. No Downtown Denver. No skiing. And no Jays game live. We will watch it on TV.

But my husband is here. No doubt he will take great care of me. My flowers will continue to blossom all weekend. And Monday? That is the start of a whole a new week. What more could I want?

Yep...I think I'll be just fine.  


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