September 28, 2012 (an entry from my mom)

Mom would ride all over town with the three of us in tow, curlers and all (1970)

Every week I receive a card in the mail from my mom. Yep, a good old fashioned handwritten note. She typically inquires on the goings on in my life, then updates me on the local weather in Arizona, and the feel of their daily life. She always uses colorful cards and explains the history of the card of choice.

I love to get her cards. I love to hear about her ordinary days. And I love to read Mom's neat cursive handwriting. I picture her writing the card at her desk as I read the delivered treasure in my own hands.

I asked Mom for permission to publish a recent note she wrote to me. It made me smile and I have since kept the card on my bed stand. It serves as a daily reminder of the gift of a caring mom and how the small things in life really bring us the greatest joy. And, yes, memories are a wonderful thing...

Sept. 28, 2012

Dear Sandy,

(Paragraph asking about my personal life, updating me on her family history research, details on the weather that day in their hometown)

Well my beloved Andy Williams is gone. Back in the day you, me & the boys watched Andy's TV show from the big black rocking chair. No one wiggled or argued - we peacefully rocked back & forth, back & forth - going along with the music tempo. They were such great memories. The chair was big - Mark on my right, Matt on the left & you in my lap...back & forth, back & forth. :) Those were the good old days! No money, but didn't matter.  Never once did I feel deprived. I thought we had/were better off than most & even felt a little guilty.


Baths were together. The curtains were Mom's handiwork (1971).


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