May, 25, 2012: A Self-Professed Homebody

I am a homebody.  There is no doubt about it.  Regardless of where my career and travels take me, coupled with my guilty indulgence of never wanting to miss a party; the reality is that my favorite spot in the whole wide world is home.  I love the smell of clean clothes fresh out of the dryer and the feeling of accomplishment with perfectly organized stacks of folded clothes.  I relish my rolling gardens full of vibrant greens, new blossoms, and spring color surprises.  On the worst of days and the most trying of times, my world comes back  together in complete unison when I am preparing a meal in my kitchen with the familiar background noises that go hand in hand with my three busy sons.  I love a clean garage, an organized pantry, and a tidy frig.  A plan in my mind for the next meal and an open night to "putz" about the house from room to room finding treasures in forgotten drawers and looking through pictures from past days is a dream "night off" for me.  Enjoying a glass of wine while catching up on the computer between answering to shouts of "Mom" from downstairs and interruptions into my room with stories on my sons' days and plans for their nights to come...bliss.

So homebody, nerd, or "want-to-be housewife" it as you see it.  But regardless of the title, home is the perfect getaway for me.


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